LES TASSES - BRUSSELS / English version

Marc Martin

The catalogue to the Brussels edition of Marc Martin's legendary exhibition with text in English.

In the « official » LGBTQI* history, vespasiennes – or, in the gay jargon, les tasses, the cottages (UK) or tearooms (US) – are a thorn in the flesh. Erected in the wake of 19th century hygiene movements, they were meant to meet the natural needs of the male population – but happened to satisfy other needs, too: For thousands of Men who have Sex with Men (MSM), public urinals could mark the starting point for all kinds of relationships. Since its first run at Berlin’s Schwules Musem in 2017, Marc Martin’s exhibition project has been building an inter-generational bridge, inviting contemporary art to dialogue with the past: Pissoirs never had a good reputation. Even within the gay community, they remain more a source of shame than pride. Cowardice was often reproached at men who enjoyed cruising in public toilets and those practices were considered squalid. Yet, have they not, for well over a century, braved the laws and dared to experience “forbidden pleasures”? Martin wants these men’s bravery to be acknowledged, and the heady sensuality of places thet generated so much excitement to finally get due recognition. Marc Martin
ISBN 978-2-492311-00-0
AuthorKK Marc Martin
Author Marc Martin
Print length 68 pages

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