Tomber des nu(e)s

Marc Martin & Mathis Chevalier

The book (published to coincide with the eponymous exhibition by Marc Martin and Mathis Chevalier at Galerie Obsession in Paris) has 296 pages, including 11 foldouts. It contains 270 photographs. Contributors are Florent Barbarossa, Hervé Dewintre, Quentin Grosset, Jona James, Jan Krass, Maïa Mazaurette, Pierre Passebon, Denis Rohr, Hugo Spini and Claude-Hubert Tatot. The total edition is limited to 600 copies. 50 copies are numbered, signed and embossed, and contain a unique Polaroid of Mathis Chevalier in full frontal nudity (each Polaroid is unique).

“TOMBER DES NU(E)S” is in French and is intended for adults only. 


Variant Price
Edition limitée classique €89.00
Limited release (50 copies) : Collector issue including a full frontal nude Polaroïd of Mathis Chevalier €500.00
This is the story of two men getting to know each other although they are separated by a quarter of a century. On the one hand, the photographer – Marc Martin, whose work often focuses on bodies – questioning the male posture through his model. On the other, the model - Mathis Chevalier, an athlete and former MMA champion – who ends up widening the photographer’s horizon. Together, Matin and Chevalier lead the viewer's eye off camera, away from the frame dictated by the norm. Their favourite playground? Challenging the prevailing prudery.
ISBN 978-2-492311-06-2
Author Marc Martin & Mathis Chevalier
Print length 296 pages

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